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Providing 3DESIGN 3D CAD Software, EnvisionTEC 3D Printing solutions and state-of-the-art eLuxe 3D Scanning technology to the jewelry industry.


3DESIGN is the all in one 3D CAD software for jewelry design and promotion.  Providing innovative, professional, aesthetic, efficient and durable solutions for jewelers, watch makers and designers of luxury and fashion accessories this 3D CAD software has been developed and enhanced continuously since 2003. A collaboration with jewelry professionals, designers, engineers and consumers 3 Design is powering the creative process and has the tools you need now and for the future.

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EnvisionTEC 3D Printers

EnvisionTEC produces professional grade 3D printers and materials. What sets EnvisionTEC apart is the reliability, fine resolution and finish of the parts their machines produce. EnvisionTEC also produces many types of materials for direct casting and molding specify for the jewelry industry. EnvisionTEC professional grade printers are used in fine jewelry manufactures and retailers around the world.
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eLuxe 3D Scanners

eLuxe jewelry scanners boast a function for obtaining a single set of data with two cameras. Precision and speed of the data obtained by system is highly superior when compared with other scanners which obtain data with a single camera. The speed and accuracy of the eLuxe 3D scanner will allow jewelry designers to quickly modify their existing inventory of jewelry designs, add wedding bands and reproduce heirloom jewelry for customers.
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“Chris was a great help with our 3D printing and design software purchase. He was prompt in fulfilling our request for sample 3D printed models. His overall knowledge of the 3D printing  technology was a huge benefit to our organization. “
Johnny Dang, Jonny’s Custom Designs, Houston, Texas
“Chris was a great help when deciding what CAD/CAM technology to go with, his knowledge really helped me understand the different technologies available!”
“Chris is particularly knowledgeable about all the jewelry software and hardware in the market place. His recommendations helped with our CAD/CAM work-flow allowing us to become a very successful custom design service provider.”
“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Chris for 9 years and must say his work ethic and industry knowledge is unsurpassed.”

Glaser CAD CAM Advisers is your one stop shop for 3DESIGN Jewelry CAD Software, EnvisionTEC 3D Printing and eLuxe 3D Scanning solutions.

3DESIGN is developed for you, compatible with Mac and Windows environments, the attractive interface and intuitive menus to help you learn quickly. Jewelry specific and professional features to help you work more efficiently and speed up your workflow. 3DESIGN offers hands on training monthly in Los Angeles CA & Atlanta GA or online tutorials on their online forum training lounge.
  • Compatible with Mac and Windows Environments
  • Hands on Training
  • Constant Updates Added With New Features
  • True Parametric Technology
You can take your 3DESIGN CAD file you created in 3DESIGNand have it 3D printed on your EnvisionTEC 3D printer. EnvisionTEC has a wide range of Professional Grade 3D printers for large scale manufacturing to desktop units for the free-lance designer or independent retail jeweler. EnvisionTEC is the number one choice for 3D printing jewelry designs due to the precision and range of materials offered straight from the machine to casting or molding. The accuracy is beyond laser or printing alternative technologies with 15 micron resolution capability as standard. This makes the perfect choice for micro pave or invisible settings.
  • Wide Range of 3D Printing Options
  • Highly Accurate
  • Many Materials Available
Would you like to replicate a hand designed piece for digital archiving? Do you do custom-fit wedding bands in CAD? Do you have customers looking to replace Heirloom Jewelry? eLuxe 3D Scanner will give you the ability to quickly and accurately scan an piece of jewelry giving you usable STL data in MINUTES and not HOURS like old scanning technology.
  • Scan Any Piece of Jewelry to Replicate it
  • Accurate and Quick
  • Usable STL data in MINUTES

Chris Glaser – Glaser CAD CAM Advisers LLC

Chris Glaser has been a National Sales Director for Gemvision Corporation for over 15 years and a Sales Director with the Gemvision/Stuller partnership for the past 6 years. Over that time he has consulted both retail and manufacturing jewelers integrating Counter Sketch Studio, Matrix 3D & REVO 540 CAD/CAM technology into their business, helping them become more effective and profitable. He has consulted large manufactures such as Tiffany’s and Zale’s Corporation, plus hundreds of independent retail jewelers around the country.


Chris started Glaser CAD/CAM Advisers LLC February 2015. Chris will continue serving both retail and manufacturing jewelers CAD/CAM needs, providing revolutionary design software, EnvisionTec 3D Printing solutions and state-of-the-art eLuxe 3D Scanning technology to the industry.

Chris Glaser

Chris Glaser

Chris started Glaser CAD CAM Advisers to use his industry experience to create a technology consulting company that provides state-of-the-art CAD-CAM software and hardware solutions for companies in the jewelry industry. Being an independent consultant gives unlimited, unbiased, flexibility helping his customers make the best decision possible for their businesses.

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