3D Scanning for Design and Product Development

By combing precise technology, ease of use and automation, our eLuxe 3D systems provide designers with the ability to work with physical objects in the digital world.

Fully Automated, Unparalleled Accuracy

eLuxe 3D Scanners solve design problems and reduce costs 3D scanning can enhance your product development process, compress development time, eliminate ambiguity and most important reduce costs. Making design decisions with 2D data has it s limits, and the faster you can solve design problems, you complete the project on time and at reduced costs.
  • Reverse engineering – Capturing design intent.
  • Digital Archiving of jewelry and components.
  • Stone scanning-large format and unique shapes.
  • Custom fit wedding bands.
  • Communication tool for exchange of design ideas.
  • Manufacturing QC and process evaluation.
  • Capitalize on past efforts – a large amount of data stuck in the analog world.
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We have customers who ask for the duplication of their sample pieces. Some ask for the matching band for their existing engagement ring. Before the eLUXE scanner, the reverse engineering CAD work was painful and very time consuming. After the eLUXE scanner purchase, the work is much faster and saves many hours of time every day. More importantly, it gives me the confidence when redesigning.I do not have to worry about the accuracy of the 3D printed matching engagement models.
Ye Zaw, - C&Y Jewel Inc, Manufacturing Jeweler - New York City

Twin Camera Technology

  • eLuxe 3D jewelry scanners boast a function for obtaining a single set of data with two cameras.
  • Precision of the data obtained by system is highly superior when compared with other scanners which obtain data with a single camera.

Deep Scanning Area

  • eLuxe DS2 and DS3 systems have a narrow angle between two cameras (15° Triangulation Angle), therefore it can ensure securing line of sight for complicated models.
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Sharp Margin Line

  • eLuxe DS2 and DS3 systems employ high-resolution cameras, and is designed for the optimal measurement of sharp lines and edges.

Open System

  • The basic output format of the eLuxe DS2 and DS3 is the STL, usable with any design and polygon based processing software.